Thread subject: :: Another Fly ID from me

Posted by LordV on 11-12-2005 14:20

Taken this morning 11th Dec 2005 air shade temp about 3'C sitting on bush sunning itself (and blowing a bubble)- Location South Coast UK- I've not caught one of these on camera before- any ID please?
About 13mm long.

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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 11-12-2005 16:50

Hippoboscidae. I think Ornithomyini.

Posted by LordV on 11-12-2005 20:14

Thanks Nikita. :)
Brian V.

Posted by Kahis on 11-12-2005 20:56


I have to disagree. While the habitus is somewhat similar, this fly has lacks the typical wing venation of hippoboscids. How about Coelopidae? Check this pic:

Close enough? These flies are rare in Finland (the low salinity of the Baltic inhibits growth of bladder wrack) and I have no personal experience of them.

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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 11-12-2005 21:50

Of course, Kahis is right. I've seen flat body, wide last segment of tarsus and especialy "second" arista. Than I forgot everything else...
I'm sorry Brain.
Thank you Kahis.

Posted by LordV on 12-12-2005 07:32

Thanks Kahis, Makes sense- I live about 400 yds from the beach :)
Brian V.