Thread subject: :: Anthomyiidae?

Posted by lynkos on 11-12-2005 09:18

One of these difficult ones :@. Could it be an Anthomyiidae? Or another of those hopeless Muscidae?

Thanks, Sarah

Posted by Kahis on 13-12-2005 16:02

OK, if nobody else dares to comment, I'm going to call this female yet another anthomyiid. Please don't ask why:)

I'm currently sorting through Malaise material from springs near the tree limit in Inari, Finnish Lapland. The selection of flies in these traps oculd well be called freakish:o:D

Posted by Robert Nash on 13-12-2005 16:26

Agree Most likely Anthomyiidae. Did you see a yellow or reddish abdomen Sarah? This just might make it Pegomya

Posted by lynkos on 14-12-2005 20:31

As far as I could see, the abdomen was greyish brown with black markings, but the fly was very nervous and didn't allow me to take other angles of photo. I'm just delighted that I got as near as the family :o, Sarah