Thread subject: :: Diptera gallery INDEX - help would be welcome :)

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 05-01-2008 17:56


I was doing in Google spreadsheet an index for all photos of gallery.
Take a look here:

ANy suggestions would be welcome. Specially you can EDIT this spreadsheet thus in this way would speed up an helpful index to find some species in particular. I know that very soon Paul will implement the search feature for gallery.
This is an alternative until that search feature appears.
If you like to help me in build more quick, please feel free to email me so I can give permission to you edit the google spreadsheet.
This can be prone to errors - that's the disadvantage comparing with the new search feature - and of course much more work.
Great advantages are:
1 - we can use csv files, excel files, and put the index in pdf format. :)
2 - using strong filters in Excel to see a mix of parameters you want to select.
3 - we can get a quick idea about the families (relative numbers) looking at the table.
4 - it can be used offline. you can save the data in many formats - pdf, excel, doc, csv, etc.
5 - it gives much more info about who determined the species, google maps info where the specimen was spotted (i hope so)... etc

I hope you like. Thank you.

Jorge Almeida

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