Thread subject: :: Lonchopteridae?

Posted by lynkos on 11-12-2005 08:07

These two tiny flies about 3 mm long are different, but althoughy they seem different, they both look very like the Lonchopteridae you identified for me a few weeks ago.

Thanks as ever, Sarah

Posted by Louis Boumans on 11-12-2005 18:54

Yes these are Lonchopteridae indeed.
I've never been able to find any other species than L. lutea and L. bifurcata (in the Netherlands).. Smith's (1969) key mentions one "large dark species with median tibia bent near base, conspicuously so in male and slightly so in female. Median basitarsis more than half lenght of tibia". >> L .tristis. Maybe this could be the female in your second picture. Can anyone confirm this?

Posted by lynkos on 11-12-2005 21:07

Great (she said jumping up and down), I've actually been able to identify the family! Thanks Louis, let's see if anyone can confirm your hypothesis, Sarah