Thread subject: :: Lonchaeidae, ovipositing

Posted by Sundew on 14-06-2022 16:06

Yesterday I saw two lonchaeid females that were busy with ovipositing in a conifer log. They were shining blue-black, the pictures give a black appearance only. Maibe, Iain is able to find out a genus (Lonchaea) and even a species?
The location is a wood in southwestern Germany, 20 km west of Stuttgart.
Many thanks for comments! Sundew

Posted by Sundew on 14-06-2022 16:07

More pics.

Posted by Iain MacGowan on 14-06-2022 17:41

Hi Sundew I would think that Lonchaea is the correct genus. The specimens both look similar with all black legs and pale calypteres which would suggest that they are in the Lonchaea chorea species-group but I am afraid I can't go much further than that ...... Iain