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Posted by maxi6215 on 17-05-2022 13:30


I observed this Conopidae the 21 of April in Audinghen in the north of France. I think of a Myopa, Can we find the specie with these photo ? Maybe a Myopa buccata ?

Cordially Maxime

Posted by serenense7 on 06-01-2023 21:01

I am not an expert; besides, if I come to read the forum, it is because I also have a question about a Myopa. Unfortunately, it seems that it may not be very reactive with Myopa.

But I have studied the genus a bit and for me it is not buccata, in particular because the characteristic pale transverse rib is missing. Maybe tessellaticornis or pellucida (the same question as me!)

See :

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