Thread subject: :: Ichneumon Wasp...

Posted by Roger Thomason on 16-05-2022 22:41

Anyone take it further than Ichneumon wasp? Found it in the garden yesterday..

Posted by Dmitry Gavryushin on 17-05-2022 07:35

Agrypon flaveolatum?

Posted by eklans on 17-05-2022 07:37

Hi Roger, I think it could be a female Erigorgus sp. (Anomalinae - Gravenhorstii).

Posted by Roger Thomason on 18-05-2022 08:47

Thanks for the replies Dima and Eric! Agrypon flaveolatum LOOKS good to me [ATM], but I'm clueless as to what to look for to differentiate one from the other.