Thread subject: :: chrysogaster? -> Orthonevra intermedia/stackelbergi Sweden

Posted by maroo on 14-05-2022 21:22

Found this fly near a riverstrem, Southern Sweden yesterday

Is chrysogaster correct?


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Posted by maroo on 14-05-2022 21:22


Posted by eklans on 15-05-2022 08:31

Hi Martin, Chrysogaster should have red antennae - these and Melanogaster small and rounded flagellum. Orthonevra intermedia? (André Schulten: Fotogids Zweefvliegen)

Posted by Karsten Thomsen on 15-05-2022 16:35

Yes, I agree on Orthonevra intermedia/stackelbergi. Which of the two spp. apparently depend on genital details.

Posted by maroo on 15-05-2022 22:21

Thanks for your help guys!

Greetings Martin