Thread subject: :: Limoniidae: Male of Limnophila (Limnophila) pictipennis?

Posted by kuv on 10-05-2022 13:17

Northern Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Holmer Sandberge (near Wedel), sandy area with Calluna vulgaris, edge of mixed forest (with birch, pine, ash, maples), in the low grass at the edge of a small pond, 9th of May 2022, Outsidephotos: kuv. Is my idea ok? - Please help to get the ID.

Posted by kuv on 10-05-2022 13:17

2nd picture:

Posted by kuv on 10-05-2022 13:17

3rd picture:

Posted by kuv on 10-05-2022 13:18

4th picture:

Posted by kuv on 10-05-2022 13:19

5th picture (enlargement of picture 4):

Posted by Juergen Peters on 10-05-2022 18:56


looks more like a Tipula to me (big palps, short neck).

Posted by kuv on 26-06-2022 21:22

Thank you, J├╝rgen, for your statement - sorry, but I stll think, it's a Limoniidae.
Please more comments.
Greetings Kuv

Posted by John Carr on 27-06-2022 13:46

It is Limoniidae subfamily Limnophilinae. Look at the veins in the distal part of the wing.

Posted by kuv on 28-06-2022 10:41

Thank you very much John :) -
So I look forward to an expert who confirm my idea ...
Greetings Kuv

Posted by Jozef Obona on 28-06-2022 11:26

e.g. Limnophila (Limnophila) schranki Oosterbroek, 1992

Posted by kuv on 02-07-2022 10:06

Thank you Jozef for your message :) -
As you write "e.g." I meantime checked the threads of E. schranki in the and found the facts of distinguishing L. schranki, L. arnoudi and L. pictipennis by Niels-Jan Dek (s. https://diptera.i...d_id=55034). I think "my" fly has a "black apical ring on the femora" like the picture in the referred thread. So I think it is L. pictipennis ...
Greetings Kuv

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