Thread subject: :: Psychoda spec. + Antenna tip detail with 18.30 magnification

Posted by Maherjos on 02-05-2022 11:45

weia wrote:
Psychoda spec. Only with a very good picture of the final segments of the antenna is it sometimes possible to go further. But even then there are several candidates. So it remains Psychoda spec.

Thanks weia.

The difficulty in obtaining good detail photos of the ends of the insect's antennae is not in their tiny size, but rather in the fact that when the collected insect dies, its antennae fold over the body, becoming entangled with the legs and hairs of the body, resulting in difficulty. isolate them...
I can still get the photos up to X5 with the live insect, but apparently they do not give enough detail for identification.
In order to get photographs with greater detail (I can get quality photos up to X20 - X25 magnification), you have to take photos using the stacking procedure and for this the insect must be immobile, that is, dead.
So far I have not succeeded, but as long as these small insects continue to appear in my bathroom, I will keep trying....
Kind regards,
Jose Marin. :)