Thread subject: :: Platyparea discoidea, Tephritidae, Apr 18, 2022, Isztimér, Hungary

Posted by Xespok on 24-04-2022 08:21

An interesting Tephritid, which I see for the first time. Maybe Platyparea sp. But wing pattern seems to be different from most discoidea. The recently described carpathica is clearly different. Just a variation of discoidea? or I am off with the genus?

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 24-04-2022 11:41

I still think it is discoides with the isolated black spot at the costa just not connected to the general black pattern.

Posted by Xespok on 27-04-2022 20:26


Posted by Nosferatumyia on 28-04-2022 06:00

Gabor, you are correct with the genus.
I'd say Platyparea discoidea, but we know too few about its pattern variability. Do you have a chance to collect a specimen or two in the alcohol there?
Thsnk you in advance!

Posted by Xespok on 28-04-2022 06:03

This was in an area with lots of ramsons (Allium ursinum), which we visit in the ramsons season. If I find this fly next year, I will collect it.

Posted by Xespok on 28-04-2022 06:06

One thing that puzzles me is that this fly should be monophagous on Campanula. Campanula are typically late summer species. What does this fly do in early spring?