Thread subject: :: Ichneumonidae - Eutanyacra species?

Posted by Buba on 22-04-2022 18:42

Who can help identifying this wasp? Found in may garden in Liechtenstein.

I assume it could be an eutanyacra species due to the yellow - black antennae and the black-orange legs and further characteristics.

But if so, which one species could it be attributed to?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Posted by Juergen Peters on 22-04-2022 19:04


wrong forum. Try "Other insects...".

I think it's a Tenthredinidae (Symphyta).

Edited by Juergen Peters on 22-04-2022 19:05

Posted by eklans on 23-04-2022 08:13

Hi, unfortunately we cannot see the abdomen, but Eutanyacra could be correct (more than 15 antennal segments should be Ichneumonidae).
I guess it may be a female of E. crispatoria.