Thread subject: :: One of those difficult ones

Posted by Dima DD on 13-12-2005 12:57

Hi, diptera funs,
lynkos wrote:
Just don't know where to start here.
Thanks, Sarah

I think that trying to take several views (dorsal and lateral) may improve success for such difficult flies. I read that it's possible to recognize Muscidae/Anthomyiidae families (i) by veins A2 and A1+CuA2 in the dorsal view (A. - reach wing margins, at least as fold; M. - not ..., these veins are short) and by the presense of sub-apical cell (A. - absent, M. - present) and (ii) by comparison of calypters' sizes in the lateral view (M. - lower calypter is larger than upper one; A. - lower calypter may be less than upper one or absent). Am I right?
BTW, I didn't find images with general wing venation schemes (and comprehensive descriptions) in the internet... Where is sub-apical cell?
Sincerely, Dima