Thread subject: :: Pupae in reed gall -> Cryptonevra flavitarsis

Posted by Carnifex on 17-03-2022 10:14

In Vienna, in a Phragmites australis gall, induced by the chloropid Lipara lucens.
Are these the pupae of that species or else?

Edited by Carnifex on 04-04-2022 19:47

Posted by Jan Maca on 17-03-2022 16:48

I am a bit more cautious and say Lipara sp. (but if thay come from the photographed gall, they should be lucens). Besides, some other chloropids can be reared from Phragmites (long ago I reared some), but these are much smaller.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 18-03-2022 08:36

I think these are from an inquiline. Perhaps a Cryptonevra or Calamoncosis sp.

Posted by Carnifex on 19-03-2022 07:50

Ok, thanks so far. Let's hope they will hatch.
As for the gall itself, I am pretty sure it is Lipara lucens, as the other reed-inhabiting Lipara species seem to induce rather different galls

Posted by Carnifex on 04-04-2022 19:47

After hatching of the adults, they could be IDed as Cryptonevra flavitarsis