Thread subject: :: Milichiidae in Bezzi's collection

Posted by Carlo Monari on 02-02-2022 20:40

This is not exactly an identification query, but I don't know where it is best placed. Anyway, lately I have spent some time loading a database with the names on the labels of Bezzi's collection and associating to each of those names the one valid today, when possible. Between the names I was unable to identify in the literature there is this one:

Mallochiella rufitarsis Mgn

According to Systema Dipterorum, Meigen never described a rufitarsis species, so I can't understand what Bezzi had in mind when he wrote that label. Near the label there is a single specimen, rather worn, I submit its dorsal and lateral view. Pinned under the specimen there is another label with the name Madiza rufitarsis, but this too seems coming from nowhere. Another label pinned under the specimen says An Fenstern 9 84

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