Thread subject: :: Euthycera stichospila << Euthycera

Posted by jonas on 18-02-2022 08:16

Euthycera are extremely variable in shape and color, so don't use the colour of the legs for identification.

This is not Euthycera alaris. That is a strictly Mediterranean species and i don't expect them so far north. Besides distribution, several characters do not match... The northernmost record I have seen in collections is still 600km south. That being said, the pattern of wing does lead you to E. alaris in most keys...

Now: this specimen is 99% sure Euthycera stichospila - which I consider a close relative to E. alaris (distinct by male terminalia so definitely valid). Euthycera stichospila is a very rare taxon and in most cases confined to calcareous heathland. The species concept of E. stichospila is widely misunderstood, unfortunately. I remain slightly hesitant on identification because it's a female, which are even more variable then the males (you have no idea how many misidentified female Euthycera are seen in collections :D), so I would advise you to collect a male.

Can you comment on the habitat?
Nice observation!

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