Thread subject: :: Unknwon forest spider

Posted by FRV on 25-01-2022 16:24

A small spider photographed in the litter of a deciduous forest 20km West of Paris. 5-6mm.
Do you have any idea about its identity?
Thanks for help,


Posted by FRV on 28-01-2022 10:40

No idea?

Posted by Tony Irwin on 28-01-2022 15:31

Maybe something like Lepthyphantes minutus?

Posted by FRV on 28-01-2022 16:12

Thank you Tony, that's it!


Posted by Roy on 07-02-2022 19:48

sorry I am just discovering this view !

I am not sure here we can exclude Labulla thoracica female (other linyphiid. caracteristic in forest).

Is it possible to have a more dorsal view to see well the prosoma ?

Thank you by advance.


Posted by FRV on 07-02-2022 19:53

Thanks Roy. Unfortunately I have no other views. I had not the time before it ran away.