Thread subject: :: Is this Siphona sp. ID-able?

Posted by R_Majoor on 17-01-2022 17:07

I found this Siphona sp. last year on a flower of Jacobaea vulgaris, in a small area that is being 'naturalized' over the past three years. I wondered whether this might be a Siphona species that can be identified from photos.

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date: 2021-09-14
locatone: Wageningen - 't Pasje (GE)


Thanks in advance!

Rayan Majoor

Posted by Zeegers on 17-01-2022 18:38

Looks like a straightforward S. geniculata


Posted by R_Majoor on 25-01-2022 21:03

Hi Theo,

thank you! I read in another topic that the Siphonas often were difficult or impossible to ID, but this species is an exception then? Or do you just have to be able to see the right characteristics? And if so, is there some identification key I could use?

Kind regards,
Rayan Majoor

Posted by Zeegers on 26-01-2022 08:20

The bad news: Siphona are hopelessely difficult and require a lot of experience.
Theo good news: geniculata is by far the most common one and the most easy to recognize.
So always sart with the question “Is it geniculata or not “?

If it checks these
* syntergite 1&2 with strong central marginal bristles
* parafacial relatively broad
* parafacial with a lot of hairs ( > 10)
* third antennal segment shorter

than you have geniculata !


Posted by R_Majoor on 25-03-2022 21:06

Ah, that is very helpful to know. Thank you again! I will definitely keep photographing these fellas and just hope that they are identifiable.

Kind regards,
Rayan Majoor