Thread subject: :: Cylindromyia, maybe interrupta? --> C. auriceps

Posted by Jann Wuebbenhorst on 11-01-2022 21:09

Found on sa dry sandy, nutrient-poor grassland; Germany, eastern Lower-saxony (L├╝chow-Dannenberg), 02.07.2020

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Posted by Zeegers on 12-01-2022 12:20

no, pattern on thorax is off.

Should be C. auriceps.


Posted by Jann Wuebbenhorst on 13-01-2022 16:38

Thank you very much, Theo!
C. auriceps is not listed for Niedersachsen yet (only C. brassicaria and C. interrupta so far). I'll try to collect some Cylindromyia again this year.
In 2021 I collected 3 specimen, I'll take a closer look at them soon.
best regards,

Posted by Zeegers on 13-01-2022 17:41

Well, I definitely expect auriceps so far east (yes, it is Niedersachsen, but almost the most eastern point) and yes, this definitely looks like auriceps.

So I think you have proven auriceps does occur in Niedersaksen :)

Posted by Jann Wuebbenhorst on 13-01-2022 20:08

Very nice :)
Indeed, the place is nearly as far as you can get to the east in Niedersachsen.