Thread subject: :: Diptera larvae on Typha

Posted by Gerrit Oehm on 04-01-2022 11:39


I found this larvae on old Typha leaves last December in Northern Germany.
Any ideas who this might be?

Posted by John v on 08-01-2022 02:32

Hi Gerrit, can you describe the situation a little more? Were the leaves bent over and laying in water / muck / on the ground? Were they still standing upright? Dry or wet? Was the larva sandwiched between leaves near the base of the plant, or on a single leaf higher up and out in the open? Was it on the leaf or inside the leaf? etc.
The larva's overall appearance reminds me at least vaguely of some apparent chloropids I've found feeding between leaves at the base of sedge (Carex sp.) plants, but those larvae usually have a couple of fairly obvious projecting lobes on the posterior end and I'm not sure I'm seeing that in your larva.

Posted by Gerrit Oehm on 25-04-2022 18:49

@John v Thanky you for your reply. The Typha was stil standing, the larvae was underneath a loose old typha leaf going aroung the partly old rotten stem (so kind of sandwiched between leaves/ leaves and stem in the lower part of the plant)

Posted by Jan Willem on 26-04-2022 08:38

Hello Gerrit,

If you have collected the larva, it might be interesting to try to rear the larva on dead Typha leaves. It could be a larva of the family Anthomyzidae.

Posted by Jan Willem on 02-05-2022 10:48

Did you collect the larva Gerrit?