Thread subject: :: Leaf miner on Symphytum sp.

Posted by Oriolus on 20-11-2021 11:51

I have no idea what leaf miner it is, probably Agromyzidae mine? On Symphytum sp. 11.09.2021 Uppsala, Sweden.
Thank you in advance for any help in identification,

Posted by Oriolus on 20-11-2021 11:52

from the same plant

Posted by Barry on 20-11-2021 22:53

This looks more like a Pegomya mine on Rumex.

Posted by Oriolus on 28-11-2021 12:44

Thank you very much. I belived that it was Symphytum sp. It was Symphutum specimens nearby, by this plant had no flowers. It may be Rumex sp. I suggest that we can leave mines as undetermined as the host plant is uncertain.