Thread subject: :: Cecidomyiidae ? Small, black, smoky wings edged with bristles

Posted by bobabar on 18-11-2021 15:35

Hello everybody !

Can we at least give a family to this little fly that didn't give me time for another shot?

The size is estimated at 3 mm (It was small, only the dark shades made me notice it, placed on this white wall).
The dumbbells are clearly visible in this position.
Smoked wings (completely downy perhaps?), Edged with silks.
The wing nerves appear to be very simple.
Completely black or very dark gray (striped patterns on the top of the thorax), only the base of the wings is slightly reddish.

Cecidomyiidae > Cecidomyiinae ?
Bobabar : France : Paris : 75015 : 19/10/2021
Altitude : 48 m - Taille : Lc = 3 mm (estimation vague)
Réf. : 294648

Bobabar, near Paris, France

Posted by John Carr on 18-11-2021 15:36

Subfamily Cecidomyiinae

Posted by bobabar on 18-11-2021 16:02

Thanks John!
It's your last word ? :)