Thread subject: :: Robberfly ID

Posted by joan53 on 05-11-2021 13:00

I would like someone to ID this robberfly. Photo was taken in 2012 in the south of Spain (Almerimar)
The area was dry scrubland next to a lake. I estimate the size to be approx 40mm.

Posted by Quaedfliegh on 08-11-2021 14:38

I have never seen this species before from Spain and I have seen quite some.... Do you have more pictures?

Posted by Chris Cohen on 08-11-2021 15:22

Satanas? It is known from Algeria, so it is not a stretch to imagine it could be found in southern Spain also.

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Posted by Daniel97 on 08-11-2021 16:32

It fits the description of Satanas gigas by Engel (1930) pretty well. Although a picture of the wings should show, if it is S. gigas or not.

Posted by joan53 on 08-11-2021 17:28

First, thank you for taking the time to look. I'm sorry but the other photos are on the same angle as the one I have posted. But, I have it on Flickr so it will be much bigger and easier to see.

Posted by joan53 on 10-11-2021 19:58

As I don't have the knowledge that you guys have, can I assume that this is a Satanas gigas. I cannot find anymore information online so can I ask is it a male or female, is it the size I remembered it to be and are they usually found in Spain? Look forward to any more info. TIA.

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Posted by Chris Cohen on 11-11-2021 15:11

I would say it is most likely Satanas gigas. This genus and species has not been recorded from Spain, to my knowledge. This is a female, and the size you report is consistent with Satanas gigas. There are few if any robber flies of subfamily Asilinae of that size in Spain.

Posted by joan53 on 11-11-2021 18:57

Thanks a lot Chris. Should I record it somewhere, if so, where?

Posted by Chris Cohen on 13-11-2021 15:28

I will eventually add the species to my list for Spain here:

Sometimes people will publish a short natural history note when new genera or species are found in Europe (since this is rather uncommon). If you want to be involved with that, you should contact Reinoud (Quaedfliegh) who has much experience with the Spanish fauna.