Thread subject: :: Larvae of Vermileonidae

Posted by xylo on 21-12-2007 11:00

Hi all,

breeding out wormlions seems a criptical hobby of dipterists. Me too. B)

Currently nursing some vermileonids from Italy and Morocco brought along by colleagues. I have never observed more than one larvae in a pit, but sometimes they are socialized with antlions at the same site. Very interesting your observation.

Usually I feed them with ants. If you put the forage before in a fridge, they are immobilized and have no chance to escape. Hopefully the wormlion larvae get no bellyache due to the cold prey. Sometimes they also get some aphids as a candy.

There is an overview article in the journal "Biologie in unserer Zeit" by Ludwig & Melzer dealing with worm-, antlions and tigerbeetles with nice photographs free available at: http://www3.inter...7/PDFSTART [German only]

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