Thread subject: :: A little fund raising drive for

Posted by Susan R Walter on 17-01-2008 13:37

The report is now done and sent off to the client. I used a total of 19 links to images in the gallery, so with my ?20, this is ?39 for Paul - I will transfer the dosh on the weekend. I've never used PayPal before, so just in case it requires bad language and lots of exasperated hand gestures to make it work I would rather be at home, with the time to spend on it.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped me with both images and IDs.

If anyone would like to see the finished product, I am happy to send it out. PM me with your email address as the report is a 4Mb pdf. Don't expect it to contain anything earthshattering though - it is a simple report of the year's survey visits, showing what was seen when, with brief species accounts cribbed from some of the obvious references (hopefully all properly acknowledged), written by someone who doesn't have very much experience at writing such things (ie me), so I am sure it could be better.

Now that I have sent it to the client, I have naturally found 3 typos and 2 sentences that could have been worded better. Heh ho ;)