Thread subject: :: A little fund raising drive for

Posted by Susan R Walter on 19-12-2007 15:07

The "beer" fund is now up to 37 euros - very many thanks to all who have given me permission - I think having access to these great photos will improve the report immensely.

I think that some of the people I asked are away at present, or do not log on to the forum very much at the moment. Therefore, if you have a photo in the gallery of any of the species requested and are happy for me to link to it, do let me know and we can boost the fund that way. The deadline is the end of the year to let me know.

The intention is to make it a perfectly serious record of the species seen during the year, but I'm also planning to include some nice catchy species accounts - things like Tony's comment about Anomoia purmunda's solvent sniffing habit and some good gruesome stuff about any of the forensic species - so watch out if you've ever made an off hand comment on :D - you might get quoted (I promise to credit everyone and not misquote people). The park is a fabulous little wildlife oasis in a fairly run down area of London, and the wardens are fantastic, so I am pleased to be able to support them with a report that people might actually read rather than just skim through.

Can I request that Paul spends the money on decent beer and not on that Fosters rubbish?:p