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Posted by Susan R Walter on 13-12-2007 17:13

I am writing a report on the diptera found in my local park, and I wanted to make it as appealing as possible, so that the wardens and volunteers will be curious enough to read it and take an interest in their flies. I've surveyed the park for the past couple of years, and always received the most generous help with IDs from the members of Since I am going to get a modest fee for writing the report, I thought I should funnel some of it in Paul's direction to help fund and improve

I've come up with a scheme whereby you can help me, just as a bit of fun really. I am going to ask permission to add links in the report to some of the photos in the gallery. For every photo that you give me permission to link to, I will donate 1 euro to I will also donate 20 euros myself as a sort of subscription. I know this won't add up to an enormous amount of money, but every little helps.

Everyone who gives permission will of course be properly acknowledged in the report. I need to know by the end of the year if I can include a link to your image, as the report will be delivered early January, and I will let you know how much we raise in total :).

The photos I would like to link to are:

Jorge: Lonchoptera bifurcata (3); Geomyza tripunctata female (4)
Wilde: Odontomyia tigrina (4)
Ben Hamers: Pachygaster atra (1); Anomoia purmunda (1)
Markop: Melanostoma mellinum (1)
Lynkos (Sarah): Melanostoma scalare (1)
Dipdip (Maja): Dasysyrphus albostriatus female (1); Eristalis pertinax male (3)
Nikita: Episyrphus balteatus female (5); Sicus ferrugineus female (1); Sepedon sphegea female (2)
Gerard Pennards: Eupeodes luniger female (1); Syrphus ribesii female (1); Eristalis arbustorum female (1); Syritta pipiens female (1); Opomyza germinationis female (1)
Carnota: Meliscaeva auricollis male (1)
Pierre Duhem: Syrphus ribesii female ovipositing (1); Nemopoda nitidula female (1); Calliphora vicina (1)
Fernando: Sphaerophoria scripta male (3)
Crex: Syrphus ribesii larva (2); Syrphus vitripennis female (1)
Hubert Polacek: Syrphus larva (1)
Alvesgaspar: Xanthogramma pedisequum male (1); Lucilia sericata female (1)
Frank Koehler: Cheilosia vulpina male (1); Volucella zonaria male (4); Anthomyia pluvialis male (1); Pollenia rudis male (1); Scathophaga furcata male (2)
Valter: Eristalis tenax male (4)
Amaira (Anne-Marie Bjorn): Myathropa florea male (1)
Blowave: Merodon equestris vars equestris x flavicens copula (1)
Guenter: Volucella inanis larva (1)
Tony Irwin: Volucella inanis male (1)
Black (Dima): Opomyza florum female (1); Tephritis conura male (2)
Jan Zwaaneveld: Coenosia testacea (1)
Chas Macey: Coenosia tigrina female (1)

Many thanks to all who wish to contribute image links.