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Posted by Susan R Walter on 13-12-2007 17:13

I am writing a report on the diptera found in my local park, and I wanted to make it as appealing as possible, so that the wardens and volunteers will be curious enough to read it and take an interest in their flies. I've surveyed the park for the past couple of years, and always received the most generous help with IDs from the members of Since I am going to get a modest fee for writing the report, I thought I should funnel some of it in Paul's direction to help fund and improve

I've come up with a scheme whereby you can help me, just as a bit of fun really. I am going to ask permission to add links in the report to some of the photos in the gallery. For every photo that you give me permission to link to, I will donate 1 euro to I will also donate 20 euros myself as a sort of subscription. I know this won't add up to an enormous amount of money, but every little helps.

Everyone who gives permission will of course be properly acknowledged in the report. I need to know by the end of the year if I can include a link to your image, as the report will be delivered early January, and I will let you know how much we raise in total :).

The photos I would like to link to are:

Jorge: Lonchoptera bifurcata (3); Geomyza tripunctata female (4)
Wilde: Odontomyia tigrina (4)
Ben Hamers: Pachygaster atra (1); Anomoia purmunda (1)
Markop: Melanostoma mellinum (1)
Lynkos (Sarah): Melanostoma scalare (1)
Dipdip (Maja): Dasysyrphus albostriatus female (1); Eristalis pertinax male (3)
Nikita: Episyrphus balteatus female (5); Sicus ferrugineus female (1); Sepedon sphegea female (2)
Gerard Pennards: Eupeodes luniger female (1); Syrphus ribesii female (1); Eristalis arbustorum female (1); Syritta pipiens female (1); Opomyza germinationis female (1)
Carnota: Meliscaeva auricollis male (1)
Pierre Duhem: Syrphus ribesii female ovipositing (1); Nemopoda nitidula female (1); Calliphora vicina (1)
Fernando: Sphaerophoria scripta male (3)
Crex: Syrphus ribesii larva (2); Syrphus vitripennis female (1)
Hubert Polacek: Syrphus larva (1)
Alvesgaspar: Xanthogramma pedisequum male (1); Lucilia sericata female (1)
Frank Koehler: Cheilosia vulpina male (1); Volucella zonaria male (4); Anthomyia pluvialis male (1); Pollenia rudis male (1); Scathophaga furcata male (2)
Valter: Eristalis tenax male (4)
Amaira (Anne-Marie Bjorn): Myathropa florea male (1)
Blowave: Merodon equestris vars equestris x flavicens copula (1)
Guenter: Volucella inanis larva (1)
Tony Irwin: Volucella inanis male (1)
Black (Dima): Opomyza florum female (1); Tephritis conura male (2)
Jan Zwaaneveld: Coenosia testacea (1)
Chas Macey: Coenosia tigrina female (1)

Many thanks to all who wish to contribute image links.

Posted by Gerard Pennards on 13-12-2007 17:35

Hello Susan,
Yes, you can use mine! :D

Posted by Kahis on 13-12-2007 17:51

Gerard Pennards wrote:
Yes, you can use mine!

Yay, that's 5? for Paul's beer fund...err... ;)

Seriosly, what a great idea, Susan! Get paid, make the product better, support the hard-working Paul. Win-win-win.

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Posted by crex on 13-12-2007 19:10

Susan R Walter wrote:
Crex: Syrphus ribesii larva (2); Syrphus vitripennis female (1)

Good idea. You can use my photos (my name --> C-G Magnusson)

Posted by Gerard Pennards on 13-12-2007 19:40

Yay, that's 5? for Paul's beer fund...err...

Hahaaa, you're just jealous you're not providing any money for our favouriute hobby! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D;)

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 13-12-2007 19:44

Kahis wrote:
Yay, that's 5? for Paul's beer fund...

I recently got a donation for that from another site where I gave support. enough for 24 bottles. I think I might finished those during the next summer holidays if i were to buy the beer. ;)

Posted by Guenter on 13-12-2007 20:32

Yes, of course you can use the Volucella inanis larva if its useful for you B)

Posted by dipdip on 13-12-2007 22:52

Yes, of course you can use my photos.
And by the way this silly "Dipdip" is only there because I did't succeed in registering the first time and tried several times with different names. My real name is Maja Beutler-Vatter.
With regards Maja

Posted by pierred on 14-12-2007 07:07


Of course you can use my photos.
Very good idea, the whole matter...

Posted by Carnota on 14-12-2007 09:43

Susan, you can use my Meliscaeva photo.
Greetings :)

Posted by Tony Irwin on 17-12-2007 22:19

Hi Susan - Yes, please use the Volucella pic. This is going to be a great-looking report! B)

Posted by Susan R Walter on 19-12-2007 14:07

The "beer" fund is now up to 37 euros - very many thanks to all who have given me permission - I think having access to these great photos will improve the report immensely.

I think that some of the people I asked are away at present, or do not log on to the forum very much at the moment. Therefore, if you have a photo in the gallery of any of the species requested and are happy for me to link to it, do let me know and we can boost the fund that way. The deadline is the end of the year to let me know.

The intention is to make it a perfectly serious record of the species seen during the year, but I'm also planning to include some nice catchy species accounts - things like Tony's comment about Anomoia purmunda's solvent sniffing habit and some good gruesome stuff about any of the forensic species - so watch out if you've ever made an off hand comment on :D - you might get quoted (I promise to credit everyone and not misquote people). The park is a fabulous little wildlife oasis in a fairly run down area of London, and the wardens are fantastic, so I am pleased to be able to support them with a report that people might actually read rather than just skim through.

Can I request that Paul spends the money on decent beer and not on that Fosters rubbish?:p

Posted by crex on 19-12-2007 15:58

For this purpose you can also use my other photos on if you like B)

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 24-12-2007 19:35

yep. Of course!!! :)
Paul must buy a KGB anti-hangover :D (with so many beers....) :|

Posted by Paul Beuk on 24-12-2007 21:40

A hangover from maybe one beer a month? They must have slipped me some other KGB stuff then! :D

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 24-12-2007 21:53

"A hangover from maybe one beer a month"... or did you want to say "minute"? :D :P

Posted by Paul Beuk on 25-12-2007 10:00

That is what you (want to) hear after your umpteenth beer I presume. :P

Posted by Jan Willem on 25-12-2007 11:38

Very good idea Susan. I have no photos you could link to, but this was a very good reminder for making a personal donation!

And Paul, keep up the good work! Thank you for all your time and effort!

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Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 25-12-2007 12:21

Paul Beuk wrote:
That is what you (want to) hear after your umpteenth beer I presume. :P

Oporto wine, you mean. :P lol

Posted by Paul Beuk on 25-12-2007 21:22

You may believe that, we don't! :P

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 25-12-2007 22:08

This is not Quantum Physics. :P

Posted by Susan R Walter on 17-01-2008 13:37

The report is now done and sent off to the client. I used a total of 19 links to images in the gallery, so with my ?20, this is ?39 for Paul - I will transfer the dosh on the weekend. I've never used PayPal before, so just in case it requires bad language and lots of exasperated hand gestures to make it work I would rather be at home, with the time to spend on it.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped me with both images and IDs.

If anyone would like to see the finished product, I am happy to send it out. PM me with your email address as the report is a 4Mb pdf. Don't expect it to contain anything earthshattering though - it is a simple report of the year's survey visits, showing what was seen when, with brief species accounts cribbed from some of the obvious references (hopefully all properly acknowledged), written by someone who doesn't have very much experience at writing such things (ie me), so I am sure it could be better.

Now that I have sent it to the client, I have naturally found 3 typos and 2 sentences that could have been worded better. Heh ho ;)

Posted by Paul Beuk on 17-01-2008 15:14

An advance thank you to you and all those who allowed their images to be used. :D

If so desired, I can make the report available for download through the site...

Posted by Susan R Walter on 18-01-2008 20:30

Oo er :o - making it available to the whole world? That's a bit scary! Out of courtesy I will ask the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, who provided the funding for my fee, if they are happy for it to be a download from I suspect they will want to put it up on their own site, and may prefer that. They do tend to take a long time to upload stuff though, so I will send the report to those who have asked me now anyway.

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 24-01-2008 10:11

Then put here the link. ;)