Thread subject: :: Synanthropic flies: HELP!

Posted by Nuno Martins on 13-12-2007 22:13

Thanks Kahis, I was being too generalist regarding the Scatophaga. Didn't know that S. stercoraria was kind of a deviant. The species mentioned in the literature is, as you said, S. stercoraria wich is hemisynanthropic I think, but given their common name "Dung flies" I believed their behaviour to be similar. Won't make that same mistake again!:p

(trivia: Scatophagidae is also a family of fishes :|)

And yes, not every coprophage fly is synanthropic. Haven't encountered any Heleomyzidae in the literature yet... But keep them coming! :) I'm aiming for those in urban, rural and cattle areas. If I spread too much, I'll have to separate my collections in tons of samples :P

I haven't found any reference to Tabanidae as of yet... but yes, like Phlebotomes, I believe they can easily be disease vectors.
(correction: I think Phlebotominae and Psychodidae are actually separate families, but don't really know at this point)

Will look into it (only gone through Greenberg's as of yet :P)