Thread subject: :: Synanthropic flies: HELP!

Posted by Nuno Martins on 13-12-2007 19:58

Thanks for the contribution!:D

The study is only focused on Cyclorraphan Diptera (flies), so Psychodidae are not to be included (but maybe should! Phlebotomes can pass on leishmaniasis, but that one is already covered in the lab downstairs :p)

I've finished dissecting Greenberg's "Flies and Disease":D.
N. anilis was referenced there, but mostly as a coprophagous forest hemisynanthrope. Due to economical and time pressure, I think I'm gonna have to leave it out (too many samples to analyze :|).

So now I have:

Phoridae (Megaselia scalaris)
Drosophilidae (D. melanogaster & D. funebris)
Sepsidae (in general)
Chloropidae (Siphunculina sp.)
Sphaeoceridae (in general)
Otitidae (Physiphora sp.)
Scatophagidae(in general) (why haven't I put them here before??)
Anthomyidae (Anthomyia sp., Hylemya sp.)
Calliphoridae (Calliphora sp., Chrysomyia sp., Lucilia sp., Protophormia terranovae)
Sarcophagidae (in general)
Faniidae (F. canicularis, F. scalaris & F. leucosticta)
Muscidae (M. domestica, M. sorbens & M. autumnalis; Muscina stabulans, Stomoxys sp., Atherigona orientalis, Ophyra sp., Dasyphora sp., Hydrotaea sp., Haematobia sp.)

Keep contributions coming, if you can :)
(hope no one catches diseases from the flies!)