Thread subject: :: Synanthropic flies: HELP!

Posted by Nuno Martins on 12-12-2007 22:36

sorry for not being clearer :P the post was already getting quite long
and yes, "don't want to miss any" was more of an expression, I'm just aiming for completeness in what species to include.

Those that I marked as "in general" means I will treat all the flies in those families as synanthropic.

My goal is to detect intestinal parasites that can infect humans, wich can be found in infected feces. Flies that land on these feces can become covered in parasites and/or swallow them with the feces. Rule out the maggots: gut reorganization during metamorphosis purges the parasites, so a newly emerged fly is "clean" (for the time being).

Kahis is right: synanthropic can be somewhat of a loose term. I'm looking for those that are synanthropic by behavior and/or abundancy in human habitats, not just by chance of distribution. I'm also interested in the symbovines (associated with cows), such as Stomoxys, because where's cattle, there is people.

There is a "Danger Index" of fly synanthropy/contact with infected substrates published in 1967 by F. Mih?lyi, and I'm trying to get my hands on that :) but don't know if it will help me that much :|

Every fly that is hemisynanthropic or true synanthrope, and that lands on fecal matter or sewage interests me :D if you have the time, off the top of your head, please send your suggestions :)

Thank you very much for your help!

PS: thanks for the site crex, good old scanned articles in there! Just what I needed! :D
PS2: why do I have to make such long posts?? :p