Thread subject: :: Synanthropic flies: HELP!

Posted by Nuno Martins on 12-12-2007 17:31


I am conducting a research project on synanthropic flies and their capability to transport pathogens.
Although there is considerable literature of particular species and genera about their synanthropy, i am still a bit far from getting a rough list of all Cyclorraphan synanthropes (don't want to miss any).

So far I have:
Phoridae (Megaselia scalaris)
Drosophilidae (D. melanogaster & D. funebris)
Sepsidae (in general)
Chloropidae (Siphunculina sp.)
Sphaeoceridae (in general)
Anthomyidae (Anthomyia sp.)
Calliphoridae (Calliphora sp., Chrysomyia sp., Lucilia sp.)
Sarcophagidae (in general)
Faniidae (F. canicularis & F. scalaris)
Muscidae (M. domestica, M. sorbens & M. autumnalis; Muscina stabulans, Stomoxys sp., Atherigona orientalis)

The focus is on feces-visiting flies.

I am currently going through Greenberg's "Flies and Disease" and Smith's "Insects and other arthropods of medical importance", so it's gonna take a while :p I would really apreciate suggestions :)

Also, I am inclined to include Bufolucilia and Phaenicia, but I'm not sure about their habits (some species have been changing genera from one of these to another and Lucilia, I think).

Bear in mind that I'm relatively new to entomology ;)
If you can find time to contribute, I would be very grateful.