Thread subject: :: tiny black Tachinid -> Periscepsia carbonaria

Posted by Carnifex on 03-10-2021 16:23

really tiny, resembled a Phania in size, but looks different otherwise.
Vienna, vineyards; early October

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Posted by Carnifex on 03-11-2021 07:46

up for visibility

Posted by Zeegers on 03-11-2021 09:59

Looks like a Periscepsia cf. carbonaria. this species is known to be active till very late in the season.


Posted by Carnifex on 19-11-2021 16:19

Thanks Theo, I don't think a 'cf' is necessary here - should be the only species

Posted by Zeegers on 20-11-2021 09:57

Yes, you are probably right, I couldn’t exclude P. handlirschi.