Thread subject: :: Hoverfly for ID (possibly Leucozona glaucia)

Posted by Nikolay_D on 20-09-2021 16:15

Is this Leucozona glaucia?
The specimen data: June, 24 2020, Russia, Moscow Region, Serpukhov City District, near Rodniki village, roadside, on Umbellíferae flowers.
I can make additional photos if any diagnostic characters are not visible.

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Posted by Nikolay_D on 20-09-2021 16:20

Photo №2 (same specimen).

Posted by Nikolay_D on 20-09-2021 16:22

Photo №3 (same specimen).

Posted by Karsten Thomsen on 26-09-2021 18:12

On Photo 1, the fore tarsi look yellow rather than dark. In Western Europe, this would point to glaucia rather than laternaria (a rather small species of max 11 mms whereas glaucia is larger).