Thread subject: :: Spilomyia diophtalma

Posted by Nikolay_D on 20-09-2021 12:02

Is it possible to identify this Spilomyia sp. to the species level?
I only have this single photo.
Data: July 19, 2007, Russia, Moscow, wet flowery edge of the broadleaf old forest with Quercus, Acer and Tilia.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by eklans on 20-09-2021 14:37

Hi, I think with the posterior margin of scutellum, black-brown coxa... it could be S. diophtalma. See: The West-Palaearctic species of Spilomyia Meigen (Diptera, Syrphidae), Jeroen van Steenis

Posted by Nikolay_D on 20-09-2021 14:47

Thank you for the help!