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Posted by ESant on 17-09-2021 14:28


I photographed this fly near San Giovanni (BZ), Italy, 1300m a.s.l. on July 13th 2021. I think it is a Tachinidae, and it looks like a member of the genus Lydina to me. Is the genus correct? And is it possible to identify its species?

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Posted by ESant on 17-09-2021 14:28

Photo 2:

Posted by eklans on 17-09-2021 16:33

Hello Emanuele, you are right and it should be L. aenea.

Posted by ESant on 17-09-2021 17:56

Thank you very much Eric!

Posted by Zeegers on 17-09-2021 18:55

Lydina is much less spiky and has hardly an yellow on the wing base.
C heck the gallery.

this is Zophomyia temula, common in June and apparently in the mountains also in July.


Posted by ESant on 18-09-2021 01:36

Thank you for the correction! The appearance of the bristles on the body does indeed match better with Z. temula rather than Lydina.