Thread subject: :: cf. Nowickia ferox not Eristalis tenax

Posted by nowaytofly on 16-09-2021 22:12

Northern Germany, Lower Saxony, Celle, Sept. 14th 2021
Hi out there, a few day ago, I went for a walk and took my camera with me. Alongside a forest road there were a lot of Solidago aka goldenrod. On these flowers I got many insects, especially Syrphidae, taking a bath in pollen. A few I could identify by my self, for some I need confirmation (or refuse if I'm wrong) and some I didn't know at all what species I got, can you help out?

2nd, is this a female of Eristalis tenax? It looks similar for me, but I'm far away from be sure of it.
Thanks for your help, have a nice day, Norbert

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Posted by nowaytofly on 16-09-2021 22:13

2nd pic

Posted by Roger Thomason on 17-09-2021 00:18

Tachinidae; some Tachina sp.. maybe

Posted by Juergen Peters on 17-09-2021 02:03

Nowickia ferox, I think.

Posted by nowaytofly on 20-09-2021 20:45

Roger, J├╝rgen, many thanks for your support, Norbert