Thread subject: :: Rhagionidae: Rhagio cf. cingulatus ♀

Posted by ESant on 07-09-2021 12:51


I photographed this fly near San Giovanni (BZ), Italy, 1500m a.s.l. on July 12th 2021. I think it is a Rhagio, but is it possible to identify its species from these photos?

Thank you in advance,

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Posted by ESant on 13-02-2024 00:13

These photos are highly compressed, a slightly better version can be seen here: https://www.inatu...s/87637353

Posted by Zeegers on 13-02-2024 07:53

Yes, a female Rhagio. First impresiion is cingulatus.


Posted by ESant on 13-02-2024 11:15

Thank you very much Theo!