Thread subject: :: Flies get the blame

Posted by John Carr on 05-09-2021 00:51

We've seen flies, especially Syrphidae, presented as honey bees in advertisements. I saw this pest control advertisement in a Turkish newspaper from 1936. Flies ("sinekler") get the blame... but the creature climbing the skyscraper on the left and the one with the stinger on the right look like Hymenoptera to me.

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 05-09-2021 13:18

and this one

Posted by John Carr on 19-01-2023 22:39

A more accurate ad from 1930s Turkey. The four-striped fly illustration must represent a species of Musca.

Hummai Tifoidi, sizi öldürmeden evvel siz, sinekleri öldürünüz. Sinekler, her yere konarlar ve her yere sığınılar. Pisliklerde doğarlar ve mezbelelerde yatarlar. Bunlar öldürtücü Hummai Tifoidiyi aşılamağa başlıça vasıta teşkil ederler.

Kill flies before typhoid fever kills you. Flies, they land everywhere and they hide everywhere. They are born in filth and lie down in waste. These killers are the main vector of typhoid fever.