Thread subject: :: Chymomyza caudatula and/or ...

Posted by djo on 04-09-2021 00:00

Hi all!

Collected from broken branches in Sussex, Southern UK

What am I looking at?

Chymomyza caudatula males for the bottom two on the left? (on the UK list since 2019?)

What is top left and the two on the right? fuscimana? distincta? Something else?

Can I possibly tell without killing the fly? What character would I need to photograph?



Posted by Jan Maca on 04-09-2021 09:37

The two lower flies in the left column are C. caudatula. The other four flies belong to the cluster of species which can be identified just according to subtle details of genitalia.

Posted by djo on 04-09-2021 10:17

Thank you! I will have to wait until I get back to a microscope.

Best wishes,