Thread subject: :: Chironomidae - Zavrelimyia nubila?

Posted by Sundew on 02-09-2021 16:59

This small Chironomid female with marked wings sat in our kitchen today, and I used it to test another camera but overlooked that only a low resolution was set. That's why I have to apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.
Nevertheless I found ot that it is probably Zavrelimyia, and thanks to the key posted by John (https://diptera.i...d_id=65411) I learned that there are only two species with two wing bands: Z. barbatipes and Z. nubila. In Z. barbatipes, the distal band is obviously formed by more or less separate spots around the tips of the main veins including a spot around CuA2 (https://diptera.i...d_id=90552). The latter is said to lack in Z. nubila, so I tend to this species, but a "cf." would certainly be appropriate... What do you think?
Thanks for comments, Sundew
(Location is southwestern Germany west of Stuttgart.)