Thread subject: :: Identification required

Posted by Kahis on 25-11-2005 12:16

Shape & body colour is quite constant among Dolichopus. Fortunately there are many details especially on males that help in identification. The combination of black antenna, black postocular setae (along edge of compound eye, seen as a black line in the photo above) and two or more strong setae on hind femur is unique for D. ungulatus. D. pennatus has a similar set of characters: middle tarsus with outer four segments flattened. 2nd and 3rd segment black, 4th and 5th silvery. The leg structure can be seen on BioImages' photo of pennatus: http://www.bioima...P44314.HTM. There is only one other species with a similar middle leg, D. subpennatus d'Assis-Fonseca 1976. These two species can't easily be identified from photographs. D. argyrotarsis is somewhat similar but it has three silvery segments on middle tarsus.

Sarah: yeah, your photo is of a female Dolichopus.

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