Thread subject: :: Stereo Microscope

Posted by Kahis on 21-02-2008 16:06

I use a 'XTZ-D' stereomicroscope. It's a Chinese brand. I don't know if they have a european importer - we bought a whole bunch of them directly from China :) Total cost: about 500?. I do almost always use the ocular pair which gives me a zoom range of 7-45x, but occasionally the shorter oculars (14-90x) are essential with small flies. I do also have a '2x extender' which does in fact give better image quality than the short oculars in the same magnification range, but attaching the extender is slower than using the oculars, so it is very seldom used.

Optically the professional Leicas and Nikons are certainly better, but for me the Chinese 'scope is good enough.

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