Thread subject: :: Tolmerus ?

Posted by maxi6215 on 08-08-2021 21:57


I observed this Asilidae the 3 of August in Wissant in the north of France. I think of a Tolmerus maybe a Tolmerus cingulatus ? What do you think ?

Cordially Maxime

Posted by piros on 08-08-2021 23:09

I think you are right - though I am not an expert.

Posted by maxi6215 on 09-08-2021 15:38

Thanks for your answer ! I will wait for a confirmation for the specie ;)

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Posted by Quaedfliegh on 20-08-2021 21:43

I also think this a male T. cingulatus

Posted by maxi6215 on 23-08-2021 11:31

Thank you for your help ! I have a little trouble understanding how to differentiate cingulatus and tolmerus, what should i watch ?