Thread subject: :: Chyliza nova, Psilidae, July 23, 2021, Fonyodliget, Hunagry

Posted by Xespok on 27-07-2021 00:39

I am not certain, if this is Clusiidae.

However Psilids would not have 2 dc bristles, and I have no other idea.

I tried to key this out, if this is Clusiidae. For me this keys out as Clusoides, but this fly was larger (cc. 5-6 mm) than Clusoides (3-4,5 mm). Also I cannot key this out using the Fauna Hungariae key, which suggests that I am wrong with Clusoides.

Additional images:

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Posted by eklans on 27-07-2021 09:21

Hi Gabor, for me it looks like Chyliza cf. extenuata.

Posted by Xespok on 27-07-2021 11:30

I think we can rule out Chyliza extenuata for the following reasosn. 1). Arista does not seem to be plumose, and third antennal segment not elongate 2). No dark band on hind femur 3) Ch. extenuata would have typially a hunch-backed jizz. I try to key out this as Chyliza.

Posted by Xespok on 27-07-2021 11:34

But, it looks good for Chyliza leptogaster, and Spirea, its host plant was close to where this photo was taken.

Posted by Xespok on 08-09-2021 16:40

Identified as Chyliza nova by Darwyn Sumner. This species was not in the key, and was aslo not known from Hungary.