Thread subject: :: Neomochterus pallipes ? -> Neomochterus shineri

Posted by CedricMondy on 04-08-2021 23:13

Thank you Reinoud!

Here is a couple of close-ups of the head, it seems that the second antennae segment is not black but indeed more brownish-reddish.

Neomochtherus schineri is not among the species included in the key I used probably because the key is from Germany and according to Fauna Europeae, it seems to be a more southern species. What would be the criteria to ID this species?

Thank you again for your help
Cédric Mondy : France : Saint-Maur-des-Fossés : 94100 : 07/07/2021
Altitude : 42 m - Taille : 14 mm
Réf. : 287425

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