Thread subject: :: Machimus fimbriatus ♀ with Ophiomya (or Melanagromyza) prey

Posted by Elena Regina on 16-07-2021 16:21

Lazio, 2021-VII, TBL 20 mm

The prey is (Ophiomya or Melanagromyza) sp

Edited by Elena Regina on 04-09-2021 03:28

Posted by Paul Beuk on 19-07-2021 11:17

Not even sure it is Milichiidae...

Posted by Paul Beuk on 19-07-2021 16:10

I cannot confirm the robberfly, but for the acalyptrate there are too few details visible to be certain about the family. Milichiidae are often associated with asilid prey (usually honeybees) but in most cases these are Desmometopa species, that can be recognized by a black M on the frons. That is clearly absent here.