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Posted by HDumas on 09-07-2021 10:59

Seen between two leaves of a Citrus, this Ogcodes didn't move during at least 15 hours.
H. Dumas : France : La Ciotat : 13600 : 27/06/2021
Altitude : NR - Taille : 5 mm
Réf. : 285647

Is the transparent structure behind it its puparium?
Is the black and shining string its meconium?

It looks very similar to this Ogcodes reginae I found in the same garden and at the same period 10 years ago. So is this specimen a probable Ogcodes reginae too?

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Posted by Zeegers on 09-07-2021 19:22

Yes, looks like reginar. However, my opinion is that reginae is simply the female of varius.


Posted by HDumas on 10-07-2021 10:07

Thank you Theo.
What about the potential puparium and meconium?

Posted by Zeegers on 10-07-2021 12:37

No idea.

Posted by HDumas on 10-07-2021 18:03

Never mind. Thanks Theo.