Thread subject: :: ID, Dioctria?

Posted by Juergen G on 20-06-2021 21:02

Is this a Dioctria and can it be determined from the photo?
Location: Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhine meadow near Duisburg Friemersheim, size approx. 10 mm
Date: 20.06.2021
Many thanks and many greetings


Posted by Frank Hornig on 29-06-2021 17:25

I am no expert for asilidae, but it looks like Dioctria sp. to me.
It could be D. linearis.


Posted by Chris Cohen on 08-07-2021 20:25

Dioctria linearis seems reasonable.

Posted by Markus Gebel on 28-07-2021 00:04

Thats for me Dioctria lateralis - woow! I send you a PM.

Posted by Chris Cohen on 28-07-2021 18:17

Ah, D. lateralis makes much more sense.