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Salmela, J., Ahola, J., Härmä, O., Laine, E., Paasivirta, L. & Rinne, A. 2021. Revision of Finnish
Chaoboridae (Diptera, Culicomorpha). Norwegian Journal of Entomology 68, 67–127.

The 11 Finnish species of phantom midges (Chaoboridae) are revised. The study included nationwide field sampling, targeted investigations, DNA barcoding, examination of museum specimens and an extensive literature survey. The regional fauna now consists of all European taxa, with Mochlonyx triangularis Klink reported here for the first time from Fennoscandia. An illustrated key is provided to fourth instar larvae, pupae and adult males of all species. Chaoborus flavicans (Meigen) is noted as the only truly lake-dwelling species, whilst Ch. albipes (Johannsen) may also occasionally be present in ponds that contain fish populations, all other species are deemed inhabitants of fishless ponds. Among the pond-dwelling species, Ch. obscuripes (Van der Wulp) is dominant, both in terms of numbers of ponds and abundance. The number of chaoborid species in a given pond varies from one to six, with 1–2 taxa found universally. The number of Chaoborus species is most often from one to two and the presence of ≥3 Chaoborus species in a pond is quite rare. Reasons for the observed patterns are likely caused by niche differences, biotic interactions, depth and pond permanence. A total of 251 journal articles, reports or academic theses were found to include records on Finnish Chaoboridae. Chaoborus flavicans was the most often cited taxon (74 % of the studies), whilst the pond-dwelling species (20 %) were cited far more rarely.

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